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Of all the tasks I do for my job, creating artwork for our recipes is one of my most favorite.

I can’t complain because 95% of my job is reasonably enjoyable. However, tasks that allow me to express my ideas creatively tend to be the tasks I have the most fun doing. Subsequently, they end up bringing the best out of me.

We ( have been adding a TON of new recipes to the site. Lots of them are recipes that we also have listed on, while others are brand new to both websites. As my colleagues create or import the recipes, they’ll ask me to provide them with artwork to accompany the product’s listing on the site.

Below is a small sample of my work, including some of my favorite “designs.” I say “design” only because I am not an artist. I license assets from companies that sell stock material (in our case, 99% of it comes from Adobe Stock) and then mix, match, and make it our own. Doing it this way has allowed me to streamline our process significantly while also yielding acceptable material. It’s a win-win!

Anyway – I hope you enjoy the artwork and maybe pick up a recipe or two for you to brew yourself.