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I’m a Creative Design Professional specializing in web, graphic, audio & video production!

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For over 10 years, I’ve either been employed as an in-house professional creative specialist or freelancing as one. Specifically, I am experienced in small to large scale retail marketing solutions ranging from video production services for mom & pop shops all the way up to designing and implementing print and digital ad campaigns for multi-million dollar companies. Contact me today @ 512-777-1463 and let’s utilize my experience for your creative needs!

Affordable High Quality

I am beyond proud of my portfolio and am even more proud to offer high quality solutions at affordable prices. How do I keep my prices affordable? I create tailor-made, exact solutions for companies so that you receive what you want without any fluff or bloat. I am also a huge proponent of bartering and have been able to provide small businesses (even those with the most minimal of budgets) the ability to hire me with exchange of goods or services rather than dollars. Ask me more about my pricing by calling 512-777-1463!

Some of My Work

Here are some of my most recent projects! Follow me on social media to see older projects or just ask me about it: joshua@wethecreated.com or 512-777-1463

You can also follow my blog to keep up with current design projects, the things that inspire me, and a hodgepodge of gobbledygook!

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Retail Print Advertisement Design

Retail Web & Promotional Design

Retail Promotional Audio Production

Pizza Classics Radio Ad Spot

by Pizza Classics Kyle | 512-268-1979

Retail Web, Graphic, Audio & Video Production

What my clients say

“I’ve worked with Joshua on a number of ads, web designs, direct mail campaigns, informational videos, and he even produces a podcast for my company. He always delivers high quality content and I’ll continue to collaborate with him for a long time!”

Todd Burns |Owner of Kegconnection.com & CMBecker International

“Hiring Joshua proved crucial in the relaunching of my brand and website. I cannot recommend Joshua highly enough!”

CJ Legare | Founder, Functional Girl