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What in the world is GoPro up to?!

The latest video tease from GoPro on their upcoming Karma is a mind twister, for sure.

Analyzing the video in less words than more, I’m guessing that the Karma must be a drone. A tiny drone, it seems. One that can travel with pin-point accuracy, strafe through library shelf openings and under desk top lighting (seen in the video and GIF over there –> ) all while shooting a smooth, stabilized video.

Surely, a person didn’t pilot that trajectory, right? I’m guessing not, so that must mean some powerful software that allows the user to map out (again, with seemingly EXACT precision) a trajectory and let the Karma do its thing.

I highly doubt that I’ll have a need for the Karma, but I’m excited to learn more from GoPro later this month. To be fair, I’ve spent a lot of money in my life on things I definitely didn’t have a need for! 🙂