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Of all the products and updates showcased @ #AppleEvent today, it wasn’t the phone that sparked my interest the most.

Nope! It was the Apple Watch Series 2.

The physical design of the watch isn’t much different than their first run (Series 1, I’m guessing it’ll be called) but the inside and new features are a tremendous upgrade.

First off, it’s now water resistant for up to 50 meters (awesome, even though I never go deeper than 3 meters), meaning you can actually track your swim sessions or whatever water-based activities you may partake in.

It’s also powered by a brand new dual-core system, new GPU, a display that is twice as bright as it’s predecessor, and BUILT IN GPS for way more accurate tracking on your runs (er… walks for some of us).

This is definitely a device on my radar and is |this| close to convincing me that I might need to switch back to an iPhone, so we’ll see.

What are your thoughts on the Apple Watch Series 2? Let me know by tweeting @joshuasteubing