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I am very excited to announce that we’ve launched a brand new show on the Pearl Media Network, “The Gun Guys & Gals” Podcast!

Podcasting is probably my favorite thing to do because it’s fun and it’s an extremely effective way of spreading information, I enjoy the discourse, and I REALLY enjoy learning from the people I get to meet.

I’ve been fortunate enough to make podcast production a good chunk of what I do for a living thanks to my efforts with my other endeavor, the Pearl Media Network.

There, I produce shows for myself as well as some shows for other companies (hence, how I’m able to continue podcasting!) and have been doing so for around 18 months.

This week, we (Pearl Media Network) launched a brand new show featuring Hal Skaggs called “The Gun Guys & Gals” podcast. Hal is a longtime industry professional and has a cache of knowledge on guns, gun safety, etc, etc.

Hal and I have long discussed how podcasting would benefit him on a personal and professional level and so he finally took the plunge and the ball is rolling!

I invite you to check out the first episode below and to listen to all future episodes @ OR you can also subscribe at!

Episode 1: Common Misconceptions on ARs, Automatic vs Semi-Automatic, & More!

by Hal Skaggs & Joshua Steubing | The Gun Guys & Gals Podcast