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It’s been a while since I’ve really jammed a hardcore album

but I’ve had Advent’s new reunion album, “Pain and Suffering”, on repeat for days now!

My buddy Caleb introduced me to Advent a few years ago, after they had already “broken up”. I was bummed because 1) When Caleb introduced me to Advent, I wasn’t QUITE at that “I’m never going to a metal show again” stage of my life and 2) I wanted more music from these dudes!

Thankfully, Advent reunited for a 4 track EP released earlier this month and it is FANTASTIC.

Listen to my favorite track below, “Wind From the Valley” and check it out for yourself. Fair warning: this music is probably not going to be liked by the majority of you who frequent my blog BUT it’s solid. It’s more than solid. It’s ridiculously good and probably my favorite hardcore album now. SO GOOD!