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An 8 year old album has taken over my earbuds, once again.

As Cities Burn was one of those bands that, like MANY of the bands I listened to back then, I found out about after seeing them open up for the bands I actually wanted to see perform live.

The first album I was exposed to by them also happens to be my favorite, “Hell or High Water”. It’s solid from beginning to end and explores personal and theological issues that I struggled with then and struggle with today.

I was listening to a random shuffled playlist on my Google Play Music account earlier this week and “Made too Pretty” came on. It’s probably been 5 years since I’ve listened to As Cities Burn but now it’s been consuming my ears for like 72 hours. SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD

So yeah, play “Made too Pretty” below and let me know what you think by tweeting @joshuasteubing . If you don’t like it, you obviously have awful taste in music 😉