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The Dear Hunter’s latest contribution to their ongoing rock opera saga (Act I – Act V now) is dark but fantastic.

Casey Crescenzo, the frontman of The Dear Hunter, has written yet another wonderful continuation of the nameless boy’s journeys in Act V: Hymns with the Devin in Confessional.

I can’t even pretend that I’ve been keeping up with all of the plot lines and details within the storytelling but it has been enjoyable following the character across the various albums while also being reintroduced to previous albums’ overtures and riffs!

There is a VERY in depth review of the album from The Diamondback that I highly recommend to those interested in learning more about the story (click here).

For me, The Dear Hunter’s musical style has always been alluring and Act V continues with that.┬áIn the review linked above, it was mentioned that Crescenzo has announced that there will be one more album in this series but that it “will not be presented in the same form as the previous five albums”.

I’m unsure what that means but I can highly recommend Act V to you if you enjoy progressive rock and, even though it isn’t necessary to enjoy Act V, I also highly recommend you pick up all of the previous albums too!