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UFC Fight Night: Iaquinta vs Lee 2

It’s been a while since I’ve written my fight picks but I’m back! If you follow me on any social media platform or know me in real life, you’ll know that I’ve been on an unfortunate losing streak with my picks. To be fair to me, I haven’t made many picks over the last year but it’s more that the guys I’m genuinely rooting for (because there definitely can be a difference between who I think is going to win and who I WANT to win) wind up losing. Quick side note — sorry guys…. Either way, below are my picks for the MAIN CARD of the upcoming UFC Fight Night on FOX live from Milwaukee!


It’s been EIGHT (8) years for this rematch to occur but here we are. In their first match up, Jim got the better of Oliveira and ended the fight fairly quickly with a beautiful knee bar. Granted, they’re different fighters now and both have had their ups and downs but I’m still willing to bet that Jim takes this fight. I may be slightly biased since Jim is an avid homebrewer and did take the time to come on the Homebrew Happy Hour podcast that I produce… but, more than all of that, Jim is a banger and doesn’t give up so I expect to see him leave it all out there in the octagon!


This is a fantastic match up and I had a hard time picking who I think will win. On a personal level, I like the Pettis brothers and Sergio seems like a cool dude. However, Sergio “just” fought (in October of this year) and it wasn’t a good showing at all for him. I think that might be a wonderful source of inspiration for him to come out strong but I think the match up he faces in Font (bigger, longer reach, a “natural” Bantamweight vs Pettis being a Flyweight who is trying to keep his job in the UFC with their rumored abandoning of the Flyweight division) might be too much on Saturday night. If I’m proven wrong, I won’t lose sleep over it because, like I said, I like Sergio. However, my gut tells me that Font takes this fight and it’s going to be a decision victory.


Stop me if I’ve already said this but this is going to be a FANTASTIC match up. These two are both incredible strikers and both have won 2 of their last 3 fights and both have won said fights via stoppages… so, don’t expect this fight to go the distance. With that being said, Edson, in my opinion, has faced a far higher caliber of talent in his most recent bouts and his only loss of his last 3 was to the current champ, Khabib Nurmagomedov (who, let’s be real, isn’t getting beaten by anyone in the lightweight division anytime soon). Edson Barboza is always who comes to mind when people are talking about high level striking in the UFC. The guy is quick, precise, and lethal. In the same breath, Hooker is extremely talented and has shown as much in his time in the UFC, but this fight he has with Barboza is going to be the true test of his abilities… and I don’t see it ending well for him.


The main event on Saturday night is another example of my internal conflict between picking who I THINK is going to win the fight versus who I WANT to win the fight. To get that out of the way, I WANT Al Iaquinta to win. I like Al! His personality is fantastic, super funny dude, trains under the incredibly talented and hilarious Matt Serra, and he went a full FIVE ROUNDS with the dominating champ, Khabib Nurmagomedov. However… I think the Motown Phenom, Kevin Lee, is going to be too much for Iaquinta. “But, Joshua… didn’t Al beat Lee in their first fight” – YES he did, friend, yes he did. I just don’t see this bout going the same way. Lee is hungry and currently in a 2-fight losing lull so look for him to come hard and heavy right off the bat. Much like I’ve said before, if my pick on this fight is wrong then I won’t lose any sleep and will still be a happy guy. We’ll see though!